The OLD MILL restaurant receives a Toque d’Or award in 2012

The OLD MILL restaurant receives a Toque d’Or award in 2012 for its Cretan Gourmet Cuisine

The enchanting Old Mill restaurant at the elounda mare hotel, having had chef Mr. Andonis Petrelis at its helm for the past many years, offering world-class gastronomic delights in a mesmerizing environment set in a lush garden next to the sea, has been recognized as one of the top 13 restaurants in Greece at this year’s Toque d’Or awards.

The award committee, consisting of a very experienced team of experts travelling throughout the country on an incognito basis, have set the Old Mill apart for a place among the finest examples of Greek haute cuisine, recognizing it talented mix of contemporary Greek gastronomy with the finest raw ingredients from Crete. In combination with its immaculate service, its extensive wine-cellar and its astonishing view, the Old Mill restaurant is indeed a place of Dionysian pleasures.

This distinction is particularly important for the Old Mill restaurant, as the Toque d’Or awards, celebrating nineteen years as the country’s leading gastronomic institution, is the main motive force contributing to the rising quality of the Greek culinary landscape witnessed in all international guides (like the Guide Michelin).