Holistic Metabolic Rebalancing

Holistic Metabolic Rebalancing at the Six Senses Spa, Porto Elounda, Crete.
Greece’s leading wellbeing and preventive healthcare retreat.

Experience Eucrasia’s scientific method of metabolic and psycho-emotional rebalancing offered together with the Six Senses Spa’s wellness experience. Using diagnostic clinical tests, customized antioxidant Mediterranean nutrition, physical rehabilitation, respiratory exercises, scientifically targeted body workout, spa facilities, skin rejuvenation, psychosomatic awareness training and a 3 months follow up, the program brings you back to your natural state of health and harmony.

The Eucrasia programme requires a minimum stay of 7 nights and up to 14 nights, in one of our designated centres.

Eucrasia’s team of experts, with years of extended scientific research, has developed the Intelligent Mediterranean Metabolic hOmeostasis Therapy (IMMOT). There are 5 specialized IMMOT programmes that target specific wellness areas of concern:

Total IMMOT: metabolic integrity and life balance.                                                                                                                                  
IMMOT for Body: rejuvenating and anti-aging programme.
IMMOT for Immunity Boosting: immuno-metabolic arousal.
IMMOT for Performers and Public Speakers: voice wellness and vocal fitness.
IMMOT for Athletes: physical preparation and pre-meeting programme.

Select the IMMOT programme that ideally suits your specific wellness needs and live a life changing experience!

For more information check at: http://www.eucrasia.com/immot/
For reservations please contact: tel +30 2841068000 or e-mail reservations@elounda-sa.com