Six Senses Spas Says ‘Yes’ to Global Wellness Day
At Six Senses Spas, we guide our guests on their path to well-being and inspire them to feel their best, every day. It is therefore no surprise that we are once more proud supporters of Global Wellness Day, taking place on June 11, 2016 at porto elounda GOLF & SPA RESORT.
Celebrated since 2012, Global Wellness Day originated after its founder Belgin Aksoy came to the realization that the desire to live well is dominant internationally, and is a dream embraced by virtually the whole world.  Today, this movement is officially celebrated in 73 countries. 
The fundamental purpose of the day is to make people aware of the value of their lives. The point is, even if just for one day of the year, to make the world stop and think, get away from the stress of urban lifestyles and from bad habits, and to find peace. Ultimately, it is meant as a journey of self-discovery where people find that they can change their whole lives and are given the tools to do so through exercise, healthy eating, and spiritual teachings.
Six Senses spas around the world have prepared a schedule of complimentary activities with emphasis on yoga, meditation, singing bowl workshops, natural movement, Thai chi and Pilates. Depending on the location, guests can enjoy the experiences at the sunrise or sunset, on the beach or in the forest, or on the jetty.  Each spa team has chosen a location that evokes a sense of wellness.
Six Senses spas look forward to welcoming all spa goers and wellness minded enthusiasts and share life-changing tips to live well and feel happier, and be at one with the enduring Six Senses mission to help people reconnect with themselves, others and the world around them.

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