Relais & Châteaux gourmet festival: 15th - 18th of September 2017
Elounda Mare hotel, is proud to announce its participation in the Gourmet Events of Relais & Châteaux. We offer guests the opportunity to experience various extraordinary culinary events. 
Hotel Londra Palace Do Leoni restaurant chef, Loris Indri, will be creating a 4 hands / 5 course explosion of creative tastes, taking guests on a journey through their palate.
Local produce from the island of Crete will be used, guests will be cooking alongside the chef and his team, tasting their creations.
Visits to local producers, wine tasting, local “Raki” tasting and many more events will take place during this exquisite journey.
A few words about the chef:
“A native of Friuli, with the strong gastronomic heritage of his region, he is fascinated by the flavours of the lagoon and its traditions. He is able to reinterpret these creatively without losing sight of the authentic flavours. Cooking has been a passion since he was a child: homemade pasta, which he made with his mother, is still one of his greatest pleasures, as is making ice cream.”
The Daily Program of the Gourmet Festival
Friday September 15th  
19.00 : Cocktail buffet with local produce, variety of wine & “Raki” followed by Fish night @ the yacht club
Saturday September 16th
09:30-13:30 : Tzermiado” village visit for bee hives, snack buffet offered on location                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
17:00-19:00 : Cooking class with Hotel Londra Palace, Do Leoni restaurant chef, Loris Indri followed by dinner         
Sunday September 17th 
19:00 onwards : "4 hands" Relais et Châteaux dinner by Loris Indri @ the Old Mill restaurant. Wine selection by the sommelier of Londra Palace, Samuel Baston     
Monday September 18th
19:00 onwards : Gourmet dinner by our chef Antonis Petrellis & his team, at the Old Mill restaurant. Wine selection by our sommelier, Babis Papadatos 
The Gourmet Festival will take place at the Elounda Mare Relais & Châteaux hotel, Crete, Greece from the 15th until the 19th of September at 650€ per person.
Please contact us (, +30 28410 68200) for further information.