Mediterranean climate with mildly wet winter and a dry warm summer. Heat is rarely excessive thanks to the persistent northerly winds during most of the summer. The Gulf of Mirabello, where elounda mare HOTEL, porto elounda GOLF & SPA RESORT and elounda peninsula ALL SUITE HOTEL are situated, has a microclimate between November and March particularly, with average temperatures never below 14o C. 

Thanks to the scorching summer sun, the sea in the bay of Mirabello reaches temperatures of even 27 degress in the summer, and remains warm throughout the winter, never dipping below 17 degrees, even in the winter months of January and February. Average humidity is always very temperate, due to the proximity to the sea and the winds, ranging between 60% and 70% on average.

The winters in Crete are particularly interesting, as the weather patterns ensure mild temperatures dotted with short bursts of rain that quickly clear to give way to majestic rainbows. Even the occasional thunderstoms are amazing sights to behold, as strikes of lightning will reverberate across the distant seascape, creating a mesmerising light-show that will keep your eyes glued to the horizon for hours.